The Children's Innovation Project aims to engage young children in broad interdisciplinary learning, with a focus on creative exploration, expression and innovation with technology. Children explore and learn about electricity and simple circuits through hands-on engagement with a kit of components designed for young hands. Children make connections to objects in their world - specifically through imagining about the insides of toys, opening them to notice carefully, identifying components and then repurposing and reconfiguring their internal components into new circuits. In addition, connections to other content areas such as writing, arts, vocabulary, mathematics and social studies are made, strengthening and extending children's learning. Through these processes, children are empowered with new relationships and understandings of the world around them, and learn a new set of expressive tools.

You can support the Children's Innovation Project, and obtain some tools to teach a young person, or yourself, using the materials and methods we've developed, by purchasing a set of Circuit Blocks at our Learning Store.

The Children's Innovation Project is a project of CMU's CREATE Lab and has been in development as a project at Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5 (Pittsburgh Public Schools) since 2010. Pilot funding for the project came from SPARK, a program of The Sprout Fund. Project partners include Carlow University School of Education, ASSET STEM Education, The Fred Rogers Center at St. Vincent College, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, among others. Children’s Innovation Project is part of the Kids+Creativity network.

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